Ex Pillar


An incredibly old dragon in the form of an incredibly old man who is on the edge of death’s door. His eyes are milky white. He has no hair on his head, but brittle broken antler nubs poke out from his skin. He wears a veil over his mouth and nose at all times.


Myles was previously the oldest Pillar until he stepped down from his reign and replaced himself with Princess Solia.
Before stepping down he had been in a battle with Hayden where the lower part of his face was disintegrated. He now wears a Hood and mask covering his decaying face. Ever since then his voice has had almost a magical sound to experienced magic users, leading many to believe that his voice is synthetic and made with magic. Older generations around before Solia still think of him as a Pillar. It is unknown if he still has godly powers or not.


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